Timber Palisade

Sometimes known as ‘picket’ fencing

Generally available in heights 1.2m, 1.4m, 1.5m, but is made to measure, so any height is possible.

Timber palisade can be a very attractive fence – often used in domestic gardens (sometimes known as ‘picket’ fencing) but also popular around children’s play areas, especially when the timber is planed – giving it a really smooth finish. It is a good style of fencing for demarcation, without being obtrusive in design, and spacing of the pales allows air and light to pass through, unlike some of the alternative screen fences such as close board or panels.

A slightly more expensive alternative is the machine rounded timber palisade fencing. The posts are full round and scalloped to take half round rails, with half round pales bolted on. The posts and pales have chamfered tops for that final touch.

Construction:- Timber or concrete posts set in concrete at 3m centres or less.  The posts can be morticed or recessed to take the rails or the rails can be nailed on – two, three or four rails are used depending on the height.  Timber pales are nailed to the rails. Pales can be round, pointed or square topped. Depending on the application, depends on how far apart the pales are spaced.

A great idea for schools and playgrounds is to have the pales painted to resemble pencils. The same principle can be used for individual bollards or for retaining walls. It’s a really colourful and fun way to make a playground or school more aesthetically pleasing. The palisade shown in the main picture above can also be supplied in a multi-coloured finish.