Residential style of fencing

Panels come in a variety of styles, but horizontal overlap is the most popular. We use locally made panels and the quality is very good. The panels made from pressure treated timber and under normal conditions a panel can be expected to last many years.

Panels come in the following heights:-
1.80m – 6’0’’, 1.65m – 5’6’, 1.50m – 5’0’’, 1.40m – 4’6’’, 1.20m – 4’0’’, 1.05m – 3’6’’
0.90m – 3’0’’, 0.75m – 2’6’’, 0.60m – 2’0’’, 0.45m – 1’6’, 0.30m – 1’0’’

Panels come in a standard width of 1.8m (6’), but if you need a panel of a smaller width, that’s no problem.

Panels are available on timber posts – we prefer to install them on 100 x 100mm (4 x 4’’) posts, but 75 x 75mm (3 x 3″) are available.  Or they can be installed on slotted concrete posts that will naturally have a longer lifespan. You can choose to have a gravel board and that can be either timber or concrete, and comes in heights of 150mm (6’) for concrete and timber, 225mm (9″) and 300mm (12″) for concrete only.

Trellis can really make a panel look that bit more attractive and can increase the height of the fencing but without making it look too overpowering. Flat top, convex, concave, diamond, big squares or little squares, are all available – see our trellis page for more details.

And don’t forget, gates are available to match the fencing.

Close board panels are now becoming a very popular choice. Made 1.8m wide and a choice of heights, they are very strong and easy to install or replace on timber posts or slotted concrete posts. They are available with the option of gravel boards to the bottom and trellis to the top.