Knee Rail

Easy demarcation solution

Often called Trip Rail, but really a form of post and rail.
Height:- Knee Height! (Usually between 450 and 750mm)

We have constructed a real variety of Knee Rail fencing and the height is really up to personal preference, but 450mm and 600mm are popular choices. The two main types are as follows;-
* Posts are set at approximately 2m centres and rails are nailed to the front.
* 100 x 100mm timber posts at 1.8m centres with a ā€˜Vā€™ notch in the top to take a 75 x 75mm timber rail set diagonally and secured with a galvanised steel strap.

An attractive form of knee rail is that used by some of our local councils; larger section timber posts with twice weathered tops, with galvanised steel tubes threaded into predrilled holes (see main picture above). The tube can be powder coated to give it that final touch.

Metal knee rail is often called for and we have finally found a system that we believe is of a good quality, see image right.