Close Board

Versatile and stylish fencing for residential and commercial

This is a really popular style of fencing for both the residential and commercial property and there are a few variations!

The posts can either be timber or concrete, naturally concrete is considered to be stronger, but it is more expensive and of course timber is now pressure treated to give a good lifespan, so maybe it’s a personal choice. The posts according to British standard should be concreted into the ground at 3m centres.

Two, three or four rails depending on the fence height are fixed to the posts, these can be morticed, recessed or nailed/bolted on. Morticing posts to take the rails allows the posts to show in the fencing, but recessed and nailed on mean the posts will not be seen (as shown in the main picture above).

A gravel board is fixed to the bottom of the fence, this can either be timber or concrete. Featheredge boards are placed on top of the gravel board and nailed to the rails, overlapping to form a ‘shiplap’ effect.

To really finish it off, there’s capping – a twice slopped 65mm wide timber rail that runs along the very top of the boards. This is an optional item and will not be included in the quotation unless specified. Trellis can also be added.

Close board panels are now becoming a very popular choice. Made 1.8m wide and a choice of heights, they are very strong and easy to install or replace on timber posts or slotted concrete posts. They still come with the option of gravel boards to the bottom and trellis to the top.