A reflective barrier to reduce noise levels

Where high levels of noise are a problem, acoustic barrier is the answer. Popular on highways near residential areas this timber fencing is quite effective at reducing noise levels and it’s all down to the design of the fence, see diagram shown right.

Due to the design and the steel section posts the fence is very strong, but easily repaired should any damage occur. At the heart of the design is the need to reduce gaps that may let noise through.

Where the fencing is required for a domestic situation, it is best to scale down the posts to a more aesthetically pleasing timber. This however will alter the design of the fencing slightly.

Like other timber fencing it is available in a wide range of heights, but it’s components don’t restrict it at 1.8 or 2m high, this fence can keep going up to 4m plus! Of course as the height increases, the section of the post will also need to be increased. But be warned, the high levels of material and labour required to erect the fence make it quite expensive.

We had this style of fencing tested in non-laboratory conditions, the results suggested an approximate 8db reduction, which is actually rather good!