Vertical Bar Railings

Extremely versatile and attractive boundary solution

Metal railings are both robust and aesthetically pleasing.

They can be a good security measure but can also be an attractive form of fencing. The general construction of metal railings comprises of two flat horizontal rails, round or square bars and box section, tubular or rsj posts. The standard range of vertical bar will have each of these components at standard sizes, heights and spacings and prices will reflect the common nature of the product. However, although there is a standard range of vertical bar, railings can be made to measure, so almost anything is possible. Dimensions of components, spacings and heights can all be changed to suit site specific requirements.

Infill bars can be blunt top, spiked top or domed top. Spiked top railings are only recommended on fence heights of 1.8m and over. You could have concave or convex railings, or what about a finial – there’s a good choice and it can really add the finishing touch.

Railings can be manufactured to accommodate curves and slopes, to ensure that the line of fencing continues to flow and looks appealing to the eye. Where railings are required to a sloping site, a very good option is self-adjusting railings – the best known market leading brand being Tangorail.  The product is manufactured with the in built ability to accommodate for the gradients in the ground, thus eliminating the need and cost for bespoke raked panels and/or additional posts.

Railings can be galvanised or powder coated and gates are available to match. Gates can be singles or pairs, swinging or sliding, manually or automatically operated.

See our finial page for our range of decorative tops.