Tubular Handrail

Simple and versatile

Tubular handrail systems are very popular and versatile systems that allow one to create railings much more easily and cheaply than ‘made to order’ hand railings. Often referred to as Kee Klamp or Tubeclamp – both manufacturer names – the systems differ very little.

Tubular hand railing uses standard size tube and a wide range of malleable iron ‘socket’ fittings that slip over the tube and are fastened in place using a hexagon key to tighten the recessed set screw. The range includes fittings to accommodate bends, rakes, steps, base plates for bolting down to the top of a structure and side fixings to allow bolting to the side of a structure. The huge range of fittings allows the railings to fit most scenarios. The system is ideal for the top of retaining walls, along the side of retaining walls, along the side of steps and as handrails for ramps, as well as many other uses.

The system shown in the main image above is a roof edge fall protection system that is fixed without penetrating the roof. Utilising a ‘weight’ counterbalancing system it is an ideal solution for roof protection.

Both Kee Klamp and Tubeclamp are available in all the tube sizes shown below, but Kee Klamp is available in two smaller sizes. However the most popular size for fencing requirements is 48.3mm, with 42.4mm coming a close second.


In order to satisfy the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Building Regulations Part M:2004, there is now a range of fittings available that are compliant with the aforementioned. Providing smooth hand railing between 40-45mm diameter, the 42.4mm range of DDA compliant fittings is ideal.

All tubular handrail and DDA compliant products come in an anti-corrosion finish but there is an option for powder coating.