Crash Barrier

Great for car parks and as buffer rails

Crash barrier is available in two forms, box beam or corrugated. Most often crash barrier is seen on highways, but it is also highly popular and practical for car parking areas or where buildings need to be protected from damage by vehicles.



    • Straight – 1.6m, 3.2m, 3.8m long
    • Convex curve  – 3.2m long, 6-40m radius
    • Concave curve  – 3.2m long, 6-40m radius


    • Set at 3.2m centres or 1.6m for added strength
    • Bolted down universal beam
    • Concrete in universal beam
    • Sprung steel


    • Fish tail
    • Bull nose
    • Internal and external corners

Box Beam

The profile of the box section rail gives the barrier it’s strength. Posts can be concreted in or bolted down and have the option to be sprung steel, ideal for car parking areas.

Both styles of barrier are designed to virtually eliminate any sharp edges from the ‘traffic’ side.