Continuous Bar

Also known as Estate fencing

This is a very old style of fencing and as the name suggests is often found around estates.


  • The height is usually 1m – 1.2m high – although other heights can be manufactured
  • 50 x 8mm flat bar posts are concreted into the ground at 1m centres. The verticals are punched with holes that take 6 horizontal rails.
  • 5 no. 25 x 5mm flat bar horizontals are threaded though the holes in the verticals.
  • A 20mm diameter round bar or a 20mm square bar top rail is threaded through the holes in the verticals.


  • Painted
  • Galvanised
  • Galvanised and painted
  • Galvanised and powder coated

Because of the construction of the fencing, the horizontals can be altered to accommodate any curves, slopes or changes in direction.

Gates of a similar construction are available but the materials need to be a little heavier to give the gate increased rigidity.