A simple boundary option

As the name suggests, weld mesh is constructed from horizontal and vertical wires welded together, making this a slightly superior product to chain link as it cannot be unravelled and must be cut several times to create an access for would be intruders.

Heights:- 0.90m, 1.20m, 1.40m, 1.50m, 1.80m, 2.10m, 2.40m, 2.70m, 3.00m
Further heights are available by overlapping rolls of the above heights.

The standard mesh sizes are 50 x 50mm and 75 x 25mm.  The wire thickness and finish can be:

  • Galvanised 2.50/3.00mm
  • Galvanised core PVC coated Green 2.50/3.00mm, 3.00/3.50mm
  • Galvanised core PVC coated Black 3.00/3.50mm

Weldmesh can be erected on timber, concrete or steel posts.  Steel posts can be box section, angle section or circular hollow section, galvanised or powder coated.  Timber and steel posts can be driven or concreted into the ground – it depends on application and budget.  Line wires are run along the fence line to which the weldmesh is then fixed, in much the same way as chain link, thus the system requires straining posts.

For added security posts can have extensions to take lines of barbed wire, razor wire or anti-scaling devices (a spiked self-rotating barrier along the top of the fence).  There is a wide range of anti-intruder measures – see our Anti Intruder page

Alternative weld mesh products include the ever more popular welded mesh panel systems that use 2.5m wide panels bolted back to posts with the use of brackets, no need for straining posts.  Less industrial weld mesh products include trim fencing, most often seen in landscaping situations.