Welded Mesh Panels

Popular fence with many uses and a wide range

This style of fencing is very popular around schools, parks and ball courts.  It has a high degree of security due to the thickness and number of wires, and due to the anti-vandal fixings.  This fencing is aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive, and with a range of styles and powder coat colours to choose from, it is suitable for most applications.

There is now a vast number of manufacturers producing mesh panel systems.  They all offer very similar specifications with the main differences being post centres, vertical and horizontal wire centres and thicknesses, and the presence or not of a profile in the panel.

Generally speaking the fencing comprises of 2.5m-3m wide welded mesh panels, with single vertical wires set at 50mm centres and single or double horizontal wires set at 200mm centres.  The addition of a ‘V’ profile in the panel provides additional rigidity. The panels are fixed to steel hollow section posts which can be root fixed or bolted down.  Because of the panel system that is used, unlike weldmesh and chain link, there is no need for line wires and therefore no need for straining posts, thus making this a much simpler fence to erect.

Please remember – there is a huge range of specifications available, we can offer them all.  So whatever trade name you’ve been given or specification you’ve got, talk to us, we can help.

There is the option for additional security features; the posts can have straight or cranked (single or double) extensions to take three lines of barbed wire or razor wire.  But this will mean a need for straining posts in order to get the tension on the security wire.  Additionally, certain welded mesh panel products are certified as Security Rated; SR1 rating is common, but we have recently installed an SR3 rated system at a water treatment facility.

Mesh systems are available in heights from 1m upwards, 1.8m, 2m and 2.4m are very popular in commercial settings, with 3m being ideal for ball courts.  We have installed 4.5m high at a commercial setting.  Most systems are available in a galvanised and powder coated finish, some systems are available in a galvanised only finish.  Where the setting is near to a marine environment, additional powder coating measures can be taken to provide a finish with more longevity.

This is a popular form of fencing around ball courts – see our all Court page for more information.

Gates are available to match the fencing in single or double format, in a variety of widths.  Often gates are used with a tubular bar infill rather than the mesh infill.  Gates can be swinging, sliding or cantilever and can be manual or automatic opening.