Expanded Metal

Good for industrial premises

In broad terms, expanded metal fencing can be described as sheets of metal, perforated and stretched to form a diamond pattern mesh that has no links and no welds.  This gives it a superior status to chain link in which the wires are ‘woven’ together and can be unravelled, and superior also to weldmesh in which the wires are welded together and can, in time, become inherently weak.

The mesh comes in a panel format and is usually fixed to steel posts, which can be either hollow section, angle section or circular hollow section.  With the use of a top and bottom rail the need for straining posts is eliminated, leaving a rigid framework and a very secure fence.

The mesh comes in a galvanised finish as standard, but can be supplied in a powder coated finish.  Naturally the steel posts are galvanised or powder coated too.

Available in heights:- 1.8m / 2.1m / 2.4m

The mesh is made up of ’square’ wire strands (unlike chain link and weldmesh that have round wires).

Direct alternatives are:-
Chain Link
Welded Mesh Panels