Deer Fencing

Safe deterrent to deer

Generally this style of fencing is 1.8-2.0m high and is most often erected on 3-4” round timber posts which are driven into the ground at approximately 3m centres. The style of fencing is based on stock netting which is available in a galvanised finish in a range of heights. For the exclusion of deer it is not recommended that anything less than 1.8m is used.

Approximately, the vertical wires are spaced at 150mm apart, the twenty three horizontal line wires are spaced at 102mm at the bottom and increase gradually to a spacing of 178mm at the top. Different manufacturers produce slightly different variations, but they all generally follow the same pattern, the main difference would be the spacing of the horizontal wires.

Deer fencing can be provided on steel angle posts and these could be concreted into the ground, but this will of course bump the price up.

An alternative style of deer fencing is the strained wire style. This comprises of posts driven into ground and several line wires run between the posts, dropper bars are then fitted to the line wires, this prevents the wires being parted and deer are therefore unable to get through the fencing.