Ball Court

The new way to fence sports courts

For ball courts, sports courts, or multi use games areas (MUGA), mesh panel systems are becoming increasingly popular. Mesh panels comprise wires welded at each intersection, however, unlike standard weldmesh, it is produced in a panel format, thus making it easy to erect and negating the need for straining posts.

The fencing generally comprises 2.5-3m wide panels, with single vertical wires set at 50mm centres and single or double horizontal wires set at 200mm centres.  The panels are usually fixed to steel hollow section posts.

On its own the standard mesh panels with double horizontal wires make good ball court fencing, however, for more strength and suitability it is recommended to have a ‘rebound’ panel at the bottom.  This usually takes the same format as the top panels, but will have additional horizontal wires to provide extra strength in the areas most impacted by balls, etc.

The fencing is available in heights up to 5m, often 3m high may be used on the long edge of a court, with increased heights used at the goal ends. Goal units – recessed, in line, chicane or stand alone – can be incorporated within the fencing, as well as basketball hoops and five-a-side goal units.

There are a variety of manufacturers offering ball court systems in a mesh panel format.  We have dealt with most of them, so whatever specification or trade name you have been given, let us know, we can help.

Of course, gates are available to match, which along with the fencing can be powder coated in a variety of colours.